Terms and Conditions


(Article 11 and 1 of L. 2472/1997 combined with the decision 408/1998 of the Authority regarding the protection of personal data)

With this announcement, we inform customers, suppliers, partners and consumers that our company keeps non-sensitive personal data file and processes such data.

Processing Objectives. The personal data processing objectives include the maintenance of a customer and suppliers’ file, the promotion of products and services (Marketing), public relations, and other auxiliary functions such as direct advertising and product promotion, statistical scientific market research and the management of consumer complaints.

To achieve these objectives, we collect and process non-sensitive personal data from our customers, consumers and in particular those who submit grievances or complaints, principals and trustees, partners and consultants, suppliers and participants in market researches, polls and contests. The non-sensitive personal data that we collect and process, is data related to identification particulars (personal data) and data relating to the goods and services offered by the individual. The above personal data is disclosed by the individuals themselves, either in order to render the service and/or information by our company possible, or to participate in promotions and contests organized by our company or by advertising companies with which our company collaborates.


Recipients We act on our own in processing personal data that we collect and never disclose, or communicate, or announce these to third parties, nor do we sell personal data.

We do not process sensitive personal data.

Personal data is only processed by our selected officers, which have been duly informed of their legal obligations and the prevailing code of ethics and only they have access to personal databases.

Controller Draculi Coffee S.A., located in Aliveri, Evia, Thesi Profitis Ilias, 34500, tel 210 5620334

Controller’s Representative The company officer that is responsible for privacy issues is Mr. Iakovos Draculis

Rights to information, access and objection Under current legislation any interested party is entitled to know whether personal data relating to him is or has been processed, be informed of the contents of the archived file with all retained personal data concerning him and their origin, the purpose of the processing, data that is periodically added or removed from the file and the rationale behind any automated processing, if and when one exists (right to information Article 11 Law 2472/1997 and the right of access Article 12 Law 2472/1997, as in force). The right of access is exercised when the interested party submits a written request addressed to our company and our aforementioned representative, which will clearly state the interested party’s particulars and it will specify how the interested party believes that our company has collected and processes his personal data. Every person has the right to raise any legal objections to the processing of data that concern him (right of objection no. 13 Law 2472/1997, as in force).


For any information concerning the processing of your personal data by our company, and in case you want to exercise the rights stated above, in accordance with the requirements of the law, you can contact our company and specifically Mr. Iakovos Draculis.


1. Definitions on the following terms: The term “products” is referred to the products that Draculi Coffee S.A. either produce or distribute. The term “services” is referred to the services provided by Draculi Coffee S.A. to its customers.


2. Basic Terms The following general terms:

   (a) govern all orders and purchases made to DRACULI COFFEE, in any means whatsoever. In particular, for purchases made on the internet kindly refer to our site for further specific provisions.

(b) may be modified by DRACULI COFFEE at any time by sending a notice to you or by posting an announcement on the website www.draculi.gr

3. Orders

3.1 You may order Products or Services through the Internet and more in particular on the website www.draculi.gr

3.2 All orders are subject to the limitations of stock availability. DRACULI COFFEE shall inform customers as soon as possible for any rupture of stock.

3.3 DRACULI COFFEE reserves the right to refuse orders, in total or in part, or to request and advance payment of the order value, in case low creditworthiness of the candidate buyer is detected.

4. Delivery and acceptance (of delivery)

4.1 DRACULI COFFEE S.A.  shall make every effort to provide the Products and Services at the address stated in your order, within one (1) day for addresses within the region of Attica and two (2) working days for addresses in the rest of the Greek territory. If, due to a particular reason or force majeure, the aforementioned desired delivery times cannot be met, you will be informed in a timely manner.

4.2 If you wish the delivery of Products or Services to be made in a different way than the one provided for by DRACULI COFFEE, you must communicate such request to DRACULI COFFEE and if accepted, you shall incur all relative expenses.

4.3 Ownership of the Products and any risk involved is transferred to you at the time you receive them.   

5. Return of products

5.1 You have the right to return any merchandise that does not suit you within 7 days following the acceptance of delivery.

5.2 DRACULI COFFEE accepts only returns of merchandise brand new and in their original condition and packaging, accompanied by the relative invoices. In such conditions, Supplier will reimburse the amount paid for the returned products within 30 days after the reception of said products. Any postage expenses involved for the return of the money shall be at your charge.

5.3 You are responsible for verifying the quantity and quality of the merchandise upon delivery and in case of defective merchandise, you must inform DRACULI COFFEE accordingly within 7 days after the reception of the merchandise. If the product that you have purchased is indeed defective, DRACULI COFFEE may repair or replace it or reimburse you, in accordance with your legal rights. If you do not inform DRACULI COFFEE within the aforementioned 7-day deadline, the order is regarded as accepted.    

 5.4 Especially for the machines SGL and GAGGIA, there is a 1 year warranty for repair or replacement from the manufacturing companies, according to the special terms and conditions that exist at the accompanying documents. For any issues regarding the function, maintenance and after-sales service of your machinery, please contact DRACULI COFFEE S.A. (tel. 2105620334)

5.5 When returns are properly completed, DRACULI COFFEE shall replace the merchandise returned, if they are proven defective, or reimburse the price paid, within a maximum of 30 days upon the reception of the returned merchandise.


6. Product prices and modes of payment

6.1  DRACULI COFFEE may change the prices of the Products and Services by notifying consumers in the most convenient means.

6.2 The consumer will pay the price of the Product and Services that is applicable at the time that the order is placed.

6.3 Prices are inclusive of VAT but not transportation expenses.

6.4 Transportation expenses amount to 2,85 euro per delivery. For orders having a value higher than 35,00 euro, delivery is free of charge.

6.5 The invoice value is payable at the moment of the order of Products or Services.

6.6 Payment with post-dated checks is not in any way acceptable.


7. Liability

7.1. With regard to Products and Services, DRACULI COFFEE’s only liability is limited as expressly stated in the present Conditions of Sales. To the extent permissible by law, all other liability is excluded.

7.2. DRACULI COFFEE has no responsibility (whether contractual or non contractual or other) for any direct, special, consequential or indirect damage or tort, including loss of income, that may result from the sales described herein.


8. Protection of Personal Data. DRACULI COFFEE does not disclose any of your personal data and strictly abides by relative laws on personal data protection. Our company’s policy on personal data protection has been posted on our website www.draculi.gr.


9. Applicable law. These terms and conditions are governed by and must be construed in accordance with the laws of Greece and any disputes must be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens, Greece.